As a dog owner, you want to be prepared for emergency situations where your dog’s life is in danger. This is a huge part of being a responsible pet owner.  Let’s cover a few important scenarios.

Dogs and Accidents

There are multiple scenarios where your dog can be in life-threatening trouble, such as road accidents.  Whatever the case, precautionary measures are a must. No matter how well trained a dog is accidents can happen. Some things are simply out of our control.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to prevent these things from happening in the first place. If a worst case scenario happens and you need to move your dog to safety or treatment, you should create an improvised stretcher. For smaller dogs, you can grab them by the chest and gently lift them up.

Here’s an example of moving an injured dog with an improved stretcher.

When a Dog is Bleeding

First, make sure your dog is in a calm and quiet state. Improvise a pad by using a towel or a cloth and wrap it tightly around the wound. Another layer is required if there’s more blood coming out.

A tourniquet is only a last resort. If a bandage isn’t available to press the makeshift pad into the wound then go straight to the vet. Be quick.

If you happen to have bandaging kits, use a non-adhesive dressing first then follow up with a cotton bandage. A layer of cotton wool is placed after that.

Remember that an adhesive bandage should not make contact with a dog’s hair. Make sure to wrap the foot as well if the wound is near there because it’s going to swell too. Replace bandages every 24 hours or less.

When a Dog Has Broken Bones

Serious bleeding should be taken cared of immediately. However, applying a splint is not necessary because this may cause the bone to come out of the dog’s skin. Make sure to contain the dog before transporting it to the vet.

When a Dog Has Burns

For 5 minutes prior to contacting the vet, run cold water on the burns. Refrain from applying any creams or ointments, but if needed you can apply saline-soaked dressings only. Keep the dog warm.

When a Dog is Poisoned

If your dog swallowed something they aren’t supposed to, get a hold of that item, especially its packaging. You’ll need this when you call the vet. If it’s a plant, identify the plant. Wait for the instructions of the vet.

When Your Dog Has a Swollen Tummy

It may be tempting to let a swollen tummy slide thinking that your dog’s just full. However, if you own a mastiff or a similar deep-chested breed, a swollen tummy is a concern. If accompanied by attempts to vomit, you should call your vet ASAP.

When Your Dog Gets Heatstroke

If you see your dog heavily panting with obvious signs of distress during a hot summer day, take it as a sign of heatstroke. Bring your dog to a cool place and offer some cold water. You can also apply water to the coat.

There are more situations to consider. These are just a few important ones. Always remember, be ready for anything for your dog, and help keep them safe and healthy.

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