A video circulated about a dog that broke down in tears and kept on whining for hours in his kennel at Maryland’s Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center (MCASAC) in the US. A shelter’s staff decided to take a video of this poor dog, Juice, who started crying at 8:34 AM. After almost 6 hours, Juice was already struggling to produce a high-pitched cry and kept walking around his kennel.

It’s so heartbreaking to see a dog like this, but you’ll feel even more heartbroken once you know the reason behind it. Juice is a lively and sweet mixed breed that lived in MCASAC for 10 months. Even with his wonderful demeanor, Juice was still wasn’t lucky enough to find a family to love him.

Juice’s previous family delivered him there for some unknown reasons. After waiting for so long, he got adopted by a family but the family changed their mind about keeping him. To stabilize Juice after what happened, he was tended to by one of the kennel’s caretakers for a night.

After that night, Juice went back to his kennel in the shelter. That’s the time he broke down in tears and kept on crying for hours. The staff were very concerned about the demeanor of Juice. He kept circling around, giving a high-pitched cry and sometimes sitting on his blanket, but still crying incessantly.

A staff member circulated his video via Facebook, and after that millions of dog lovers called, emailed, and applied to adopt Juice. Katherine Zenzano—MCASAC outreach coordinator—told CNN that they’ve had an enormous outpouring of support for Juice from different states, and some of them really wanted to see Juice personally.

Zenzano added Juice’s story was unexpected since everyone thought he would be adopted immediately. It was also unexpected because they also thought Juice was emotionally strong. However, no matter how emotionally strong a dog is, there’s always a limit and Juice’s actions clearly indicated his longing for a family.

Fortunately, Juice was finally adopted and looked like he’s already getting along with his new family. See his story below.


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