Dog Adoption

Dog Adoption So you think you want a pooch and you’re looking at adoption.  That’s awesome.  Just be aware that there are many things to think about when considering dog adoption.  Here’s a quick list.


You should consider the financial aspect. The financial elements include food, bedding, toys and vet visits. As well, there is usually a fee for dog adoption. If you opt for a purebred dog, the fees can be significantly higher. People who choose purebred dog adoption can also opt to breed the pooch in the future.

Location and Logistics

An important thing to consider before choosing dog adoption for your family is where you live. Do you have ample yard space? Is there a healthy walking path to take your pet? Are you away for a significant portion of the day? If so, how long would you be leaving the dog alone during a day? Do you travel a lot? If so, where would you board your dog? Do you have small children that may not get along with the new pet?


Dog allergies are important to consider, particularly since these are usually not discovered until the dog has been in the home for about one month. Unfortunately, after this period of time everyone in your home will have likely become very attached to the new pet. And if you already have a pet, there may be some adjustment issues.


Do you plan on crate-training the dog? If so, how much time you have to devote to training a pup?  Make sure you check out our information on Everything You Need To Know About Dog Crates And Crate Training, along with The Best Dog Crates.

Dog Size

When looking at options for dog adoption, you want to consider the size. Depending on your circumstances, the size of the animal can reduce some of the potential issues. A small dog is easier to transport, costs less to board, and would likely be satisfied with a smaller yard.

A large dog is great for protection and can be more intimidating if there’s an intruder. I feel it’s safe to say that a large pet would probably fare better in a larger home with a lot of free running space, along with the security and peace of mind of a fence. Small dogs would probably be quite satisfied with city living.

After considering all of your options, you may find that none of it really matters once you meet your special pet. Dog adoption is commonly unplanned because many of us fall deeply in love with our pup at first sight. You may find that you will have to adjust to your new animal, big or small.

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  1. And, most of all, how long will you be leaving your dog alone?
    How will you prepare your dog for these times and minimise them.
    f longer than four hours at a time, on a regular basis, can you afford a dog walker? If not, you can’t afford a dog.
    This will henceforth be part of your budgeting as well as the inescapable vet fees: annual vaccination, regular flea treatments and de-worming. These are not covered by pet insurance.

  2. Thanks for the worthy information and for following my blog. One other thing to consider with finances is boarding or pet sitting costs. The breed is also important as different breeds have different characteristics that may or may not be suitable to the owner and their environment. Several web sites like Animal Planet and the AKC can help determine the best breed for you. Totally agreed, by the way — there is nothing like coming home to the love of a dog. I lost my girl in June and am still mending a broken heart. Best of wishes to you with yours.


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