French Bulldog Chewing

French Bulldog Chewing

Many dog owners decide to send their beloved pooch to some form of dog training school, and by-and-large it’s a perfectly good idea. There are a significant number of aspects covered in dog training classes. Regrettably, one part of canine training that is typically forgotten is chewing.

Since dogs frequently have nothing to chew on or damage while in the class, it’s hard to go over a chewing problem in dog training classes! If you are one of those folks with your furry friend in canine training classes and you still require help with chewing, please read on.

This kind of canine training can be for dogs young and old. Many individuals consider this aspect of dog training just for puppies. But older pets can also benefit from chew training since they love to chew things up while their owners are away!

To begin this type of dog training, you must first realize that all pet dogs chew. Dogs need to chew. Given this, let’s press on.

1. Keep All Your Dogs Chew Toys In One Area

When you begin, make sure you have a number of things that are okay for your dog to chew on. Then start your dog training by keeping all of your dogs chewing toys in one area.

This way, your pet dog will find out to associate this area with his or her chew toys. You should do this for this kind of pet training to work. Try to have the pet toys in a “toy box” for your canine.

2. Never Punish Your Dog Harshly For Chewing

During this pet training, never spank or hit your pet if you catch him or her chewing on something that’s not permitted. Instead, praise your canine when they chew on what they’re supposed to chew on.

It’s been revealed that dogs respond better to positive praise and favorable canine training. Verbally reprimand your dog if they continue to chew on things that they should not. Your tone of voice will be a sufficient penalty and is the only punishment needed for this type of pet dog training.

3. Consider Using Taste Deterrents

Another method of dog training you can try is to put a taste deterrent on the products your canine should not chew. This dog training chew deterrent is called “Bitter Apple” and it is available in a majority of pet stores.  For your convenience, here’s an affiliate link for Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent For Dogs.

Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent For Dogs

These are the most efficient means of pet training that will teach your dog not to chew on inappropriate things. Your canine training should go more smoothly if you follow all of these steps.

Dog training can be a fun and gratifying experience … as long as all of your beloved articles aren’t chewed up while doing so! Keep your cool and be patient. Good things will come!

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