Best Dog Costumes Ideas

Time to have some fun!  Since it's almost Halloween, we've chosen the best dog costumes on Amazon, according to both reviews and sales volumes. Looking for that perfect costume for your pooch?  Hopefully this helps. Note that the reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Let's dive in!

1. Hopping Halloween, Batman... it's Robin!

DC Comics Teen Titans Robin Dog Costume

"This costume is so cute it made me cry with laughter. It arrived super fast and was exactly as pictured. We got a medium. The Body fits perfectly but the sleeves are a bit long, but it's not a big deal, I can make them shorter. My boyfriend is dressed like Batman and they look great. Dexter (our dog) had no problems at all walking, and the cute cape is a great addition. He had no problem at all wearing the eye mask. This costume is a winner!"

2. It's the UPS Delivery Dog

UPS Pal Dog Costume

"I bought this last year and I’m still laughing! Seriously, the most hilarious thing ever! On a serious note, I think it was actually pretty comfortable for my dog too because he really didn’t fight me trying it on him and he just walked around like there was nothing different. My dog goes nuts if the UPS truck even drives past the house so this was just too perfect."

3. LOL. Make Animals Great Again.

Doggie Cosplay Hat and Hair Accessories

"Oh, I can not tell you how hilarious this was. Everyone loved my Trump, whether they liked the original one or not. My dog is a 20lb shih tzu, his collar size is about 14 inches. The neck tie fit around his neck easily on one of the lower settings. A much larger dog could have worn it as well. The wig is on an elastic (like a party hat). We often put him in bow ties, so he had no problem keeping this costume on. He quickly forgot about the wig and never even tried to take it off. I cannot recommend this enough, we made so many people laugh."

4. Holy Hound Dog!

Holy Hound Dog Costume

"Most ridiculously adorable costume ever. I was not planning buying anything for Halloween until I saw this. My dog, Charlie looks great in it though he doesn't always appreciate the hat. However, it does stay on very well and the rest of costume is just as awesome. He's a stocky 14lb. Malshi, and while the small fits him well, it is rather short on him (his is long bodied though). I am very pleased with this purchase and can't wait to parade him around in it come Halloween."

5. Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Cowboy Rider Dog Costume 

"I LOVE THIS COSTUME. She wore it on a couple of walks and it was so funny that two people literally pulled over and asked if they could take a picture.  It looks just as shown in the picture, including the vibrant colors, and the man wiggles around as the dog walks or runs, and looks like he’s holding on for dear life. I was giggling the whole walk!  Best of all, because it was so harness-like, this was the first costume EVER that my dog didn’t throw a tantrum and try to rip off. I’m sure most dogs will be the same. It’s also very, very light, so it’s definitely okay for little guys too.  Definitely recommended!"

6. Hakuna Matata!  The Lion King Is A Dog!

Lion Mane Dog Costume

"This has been my all time favorite Amazon purchase thus far. Whoever came up with this is a genius! It arrived quickly and in good condition. It was easy to put on, easy to tighten without harm and it even came with a little tuft for the tail!  The mane bugged her a bit at first, but she got used to it really quickly and soon became the center of attention :). This thing is amazing. BUY IT!"

7. Doggy Shark... Doo Doo - Doo Doo Doo Doo

Funny Dog Shark Costume

"I’m blown away by this little shark costume!  Fit: I used the sizing chart and a tape measure and the medium I ordered for my Chihuahua fits absolutely perfectly.  Quality: This little costume is more like a coat! It's lined on the inside with super soft and thick fleece. Three snaps up the belly and my always cold short-hair Chihuahua is super cozy. It appears to be as well made as any of her sweaters and definitely a notch above your typical “dog costume”.  So scary! The hood/shark’s mouth stays over her head but not in her face and the fins stick out the way you would want them to. It stays over her head but not in her face and the fins stick out the way you would want them to.  Buy this costume!"

8. Wonder Dog!

DC Comics Wonder Woman Dog Costume

"Every dog NEEDS this costume! Where do I start? This is seriously the best dog costume I've seen!!! The quality is top notch, it fits perfectly, and the material has just enough stretch to provide a comfortable fit. The best part though is both dogs (Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle), were so proud to wear it, they were prancing around like they were Wonder Woman.  I'm so glad I bought this."

9. May The Force Be With You...

Star Wars Ewok Costume

"Bought this for our Cairn Terrier because he sorta looks like an Ewok even without the costume, and, I cosplay as Slave Leia... so Halloween night, I wanted a sidekick! Anyhoo, I bought the SMALL, and it fits perfectly. Barney (our Cairn / Ewok) is around 8 pounds, not fat, healthy in the middle etc. Cairns are naturally kinda squat in the body, not "lean" (like, say, a Chihuahua or Yorkie). For a short dog with a tater-tot body, this would be perfect.  The arms are a good size, not restricting, and each leg has a hole for the costume.   All in all it's a high quality costume and very well made. And, totally customizable, if you need to do that, if your pooch has a big of a gut or fat legs.  Happy Halloween, and May The Force Be With You! =D"


Beetlejuice Dog Costume

"Great costume! The wig is hysterical and well made. It can be teased and combed back out. The chin strap is adjustable elastic. The striped suit is also well made. It has an attached white shirt underneath with a tie attached. Then the striped overcoat "velcros" over it making it look like a suit. The fabric is also good quality and pressed well."

11. Let's Go To The Hop...

Retro 50s Girl Pet Costume

"This costume is wonderful, and the quality is very good. I have checked out the dots on the waist band and they seem to be attached well so if you have a fur baby that likes to chew you do not have to worry about them dislodging a dot and swallowing. There is a lovely underskirt much like the originals and the poodle is a cute decal. This is absolutely the most adorable thing and no need to save for Halloween."

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