Brave men are not brave all the time – even the fiercest warrior will have a weak spot that makes them vulnerable. Seeing the case of Tessa, the Doberman pinscher, I think it’s safe to conclude that the same applies to our four-legged friends!

Doberman pinschers will always make it on a list of the best guard dogs. I guess for adorable Tessa, her Achilles heel is this cute little toy Doberman.

Doberman vs. Toy Doberman

Tessa’s a beautiful doberman, with that typical police dog look – cropped ears and highly visible collar. The type of look that would make a stranger think twice about coming near her, let alone playing a prank on her. I guess in her case, her human parent must be confident enough that Tessa will not rip his arm off.

It all starts with Tessa minding her own business, chilling in a room and playfully gnawing at a tennis ball. Then, out of nowhere, this miniature Doberman suddenly appears!

Our shocked pup cartoonishly drops her jaw in surprise and drops the tennis ball. After this, a fierce battle of barks ensues between our champion Tessa and the “menacing” miniature Doberman. Back and forth they bark as if they were in a debate.

Tessa tries to establish her dominance and the toy dog rebuts with a cute little bark. Later on, things escalate as the toy dog takes Tessa’s ball away and plays with it on his own, boldly showing Tessa that the tennis ball is no longer her property.

To finish the prank, the man reveals himself as the puppeteer controlling the toy dog and this makes Tessa slowly realize that she’s the victim of a prank. Hilariously, she seems to get fed up and no longer reacts, even though the man tries to continue to play with her using the toy.

A big thanks to TessaTheDobie for posting the video!

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