One day, Cashew and his owner, Shelly Colette, were on their walk when Cash stopped all of a sudden and refused to move. This perplexed Colette until she finally figured out what was happening. Cashew is standing by a manhole where a cat was stuck.

Colette did not know the cat named Ghost, but she is made aware that he is lost by the posters scattered around town. Ghost’s owner has been looking for him for six weeks already.

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Photo from Izzy Francolini on Facebook

Colette remembered looking down at the hole and thinking to herself, “That’s the missing cat.” Cashew obviously wanted to save the cat as he continued to refuse to walk away from what he has found. She immediately called Ghost’s owner.

When the cat’s owner, Izzy Francolini, received the call, she quickly went to where her cat was found. She called the municipal workers and asked for their help.

The cover of the manhole was difficult to lift up because of the rusting around it. The task needed five men and sledgehammers to finish. Francolini knew that all that noise would scare away Ghost.

She stayed by the manhole and waited for the cat to come back. Friends, strangers, and family assisted her with her needs. She was super grateful to the people who showed her kindness while she was set up by the spot where Ghost was last seen.

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Photo from Izzy Francolini on Facebook

Six hours went by, but Ghost still hasn’t returned. She decided to go home. After 3 hours, a friend called her saying that meows were heard by the manhole and that Ghost might have returned.

She went back by the hole with some food to help lure out her tabby. Soon enough, her plan worked, and she is reunited with her beloved cat.

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Photo from Shelly Colette on Facebook

Francolini said that if it weren’t for Cashew, Ghost would still be lost down under the sewers. Cash is a really fantastic dog. In fact, Colette shared that he is such a good tracker that he once led himself out of a corn maze.

Thanks to Life With Dogs for sharing this story.



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