A dog creates some of the happiest moments in a dog owner’s life. It’s as if the heavens sent these angels disguised as fluff balls to spread love and joy in this world.

However, would you still view your canine friend as a blessing if he continually disturbs you over a cookie?

Alaskan Malamutes REALLY Love Food

Dogs possess both lovable and quirky traits. Dog owners don’t have control over that. Though you can manage to tone down unruly behavior, there’s not much you can do about their innate traits.

Take for instance the Alaskan malamute breed. Malamutes are known for their high energy levels and keen hunting instinct. This breed feels a strong sense of possessiveness over their food.

It’s the exact reason a funny video of an Alaskan malamute became viral. Continue reading the details below to know the reason.

Yum! Can I have a wee bit of cookie?

In this viral video, you’ll see an Alaskan malamute and a blonde-haired woman sitting on the couch – or so it seems. The dog placed its paws on the woman’s back, howling over something the woman holds in her hand.

You might think that the dog’s attacking the woman. But, in reality, it’s begging the woman to give him even a piece of that thing in her hands.

It turns out that the woman is holding a delicious cookie. She decides to hide it from her canine friend, but nothing can escape the sharp eyes of a hunter dog. As such, the dog continually begs the woman to give him the cookie.

You won’t give me the cookie? Then I’ll continue bugging you until you give up.

Since the woman decided to deny the poor malamute with the treat, she clings on to the cookie. She even transfers it to the other side of the couch.

However, all her efforts proved futile, as the dog’s too stubborn to give up on that cookie.

Maybe she just decided to tease the dog a little and see how it would react.

Like to know if the malamute’s plan of attack worked? Click on the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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