Every person’s different, unique with their own personality. As they say, no two people are alike. And same is true for dogs. They are unique in their own way and they have their own personality. And sometimes, when two different dogs meet and are not in tune with each other, a clash can happen and your dog can be bitten by another dog.

What Do You Do If Your Dog Gets Bitten By Another Dog?

It doesn’t matter how your dog is bitten by another dog. What’s important is what you do when it happens. Jillian Myers is the current owner of a firm in Los Angeles, California that provides basic training on first aid for pets. She says a dog owner doesn’t need to go rushing to the vet. In fact, if your dog gets bitten by another dog, the best time to bring your dog to the vet is if stitches are needed to seal up the wound.

How Damaged Is Your Dog’s Skin?

One of the most important things you should do is check how much damage was done by the dog bite. If there is a break in the skin it means there’sa wound. So, as you should with all wounds, go and wash this area. Do it quite gently. Keep in mind that the mouth of a dog is filled with bacteria that can harm your pet and you as well. So make sure that you do not have any wounds on your hands as you do this.

After cleaning up the wound, you can get some cotton pads that are sterile and place them on the wound. Do this gently so that you don’t cause your dog further harm. Gauze to wrap around the cotton pads would also be helpful. Make sure that the roll is not too tight because it can cut off the supply of blood to your pet’s limb.

Keeping It Clean

Continue to check your dog’s wound regularly. Make sure that it’s kept clean because that’s how wounds heal. If it gets dirty, the wound could get infected and turn into something worse.

It’s also important to change the cotton pads and gauze every day to help insure the wound stays clean. Also, be on the lookout for any pus or swelling. You should also monitor your dog for signs of pain or warmth over the area of the wound. In either case, bring your pet to the vet immediately because these are signs of an infection and should be professionally tended to at once.

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