Apart from the tasty treats at regular intervals of the day, dogs always look forward to lunches and dinners, especially after a long and tiring day of playing in the house and guarding the kids. But when this adorable pup’s owner asks him to heel first before digging into dinner, the hungry pooch couldn’t help but hide his sentiments.

Ace, The Obedient Labrador

Ace lives with his owner Amber Kennealy in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The two-year-old Labrador is known to be one obedient and sweet pooch. He enjoys following his mom’s orders, and Amber couldn’t be prouder that the Lab is as smart and compliant as she wants him to be.

Ace’s Training Routine

But no matter how submissive the canine is, he still couldn’t get over the fact that Amber wanted him to follow her orders every single time, even up to dinner time!

In the short video below that Amber took, Ace can be seen sitting patiently as he watches his precious dinner being laid before his eyes.

dog, eat, biscuit

Amber then asks the pooch to heel, to which Ace readily complies to. Before sitting next to his mom, he first leans in closer to his bowl and smells a bit of the food. The smell might have gotten to the pooch so much so that he couldn’t resist taking a quick bite of his dinner.

Amber repeats her heel command, and Ace finally sits down beside her. However, the moment he sat down, he bursts into a barking fit, as if complaining of the long wait, and starts looking at his mom and begging her to let him eat. He approaches his bowl again and grabs another bite.

The mischievous Amber asks him to wait and heel, and after a couple of repetitions, Ace lays down next to her, trying his best to heel and behave. A few seconds ;ater, seeing his well-behaved stint, his mom then allows him to dig into his dinner, and the pup couldn’t be happier.

Watch how adorable his tantrum is here.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

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