Owning a dog comes with many benefits. Most notably is having an active lifestyle since you’re obliged to walk your dog every single day. But while this sounds like a good way to get some exercise, there are just some inevitable times when you are too lazy or too busy to take the leash and go out of the house for the routine stroll.

Exercise Shmexercise.  What’s A Tired Dog Owner To Do?

But what can a dog owner do to make sure your dog gets their much-needed exercise without breaking a sweat? Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, and this super-smart dog dad may have just come up with the best idea to keep his dog entertained and well-exercised while he just watches in the corner.

Bret Wellman, a YouTuber and author, thought that a string and a ball could go a long way if used in the right manner. His adorable 14-month-old Chocolate Labrador, Gus, absolutely loved playing with his ball. Whenever they are not out walking in the neighborhood, he would usually be in the yard with his favorite ball. So Bret decided to use this fact to his advantage.

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He tied the ball to a string, tied the rope to Gus’ collar, and placed the ball around the base of his trampoline in the backyard. The moment Gus saw the ball, the chase immediately started, and Bret was just sitting there, relaxing on his chair. He couldn’t believe his simple idea worked to the extent that it kept Gus entertained for a whole two hours.

In the end, Bret decided it was enough exercise for the day so he untied the ball and handed the prize to his very determined pooch. Ever since that trick, Gus didn’t trust Bret and his magic ball routine anymore. The last time he tried using the method, Gus would jump on the trampoline and cut through the middle to reach the elusive ball.

Look at how funny this pooch is.

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