Our dogs are members of our family. We provide for them and make sure they live a comfortable life. But being members of the family doesn’t end there. We have to be there for each other, even in tough times. Of course, we’ll always be there for our pooches, but will they have our backs too?

Definitely! Dogs have had our backs since time immemorial. They’ve rescued us from drowning, protected us from burglars, and alerted other people if they couldn’t help us directly. But beyond this, dogs can look out for us in simple, but touching ways. Just like what Finnie did for her human mom.

Finnie and her family just moved into their new neighborhood. Not long after they arrived, Finnie introduced herself to their neighbor, Kelly Dent, through the Dent’s doorbell camera. Unfortunately, Finnie stole from Dent! But she did it with good intentions.

Dent owns a medical walking boot that she was no longer using. She saw on Facebook that her friend Susan was looking for one to borrow to save on expenses. Dent offered hers, and the next day she brought it out and left it on her porch so that Susan could take it later in the day.

But to their surprise, the walking boot was no longer there on Dent’s porch. She immediately inspected her doorbell camera to catch the thief red-handed, and she did. But seeing the thief led her to laugh excessively. No, the thief wasn’t some boot-stealing criminal mastermind. It was Finnie, her new neighbor.

Dent went over to Finnie’s house and introduced herself to her human dad and explained what happened. The pup’s dad began laughing as he explained that Finnie was stealing it for her human mom who might need one too. Dent became close with Finnie and started leaving treats on her porch for the pup to find each time she visits.

Credits: Newsflare

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