Dental health is critically important for your dog. It plays a large part in determining your pooch’s overall health as it’s where many common health problems begin. However, with so many things to tend to, dental health sometimes takes a backseat in our list of priorities for our dog.

Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent medical issues in dogs nowadays. This disease is caused by the formation of plaque on the teeth of your dog which eventually hardens and results in tarter. It’s important to understand that the longer the bacteria remains, the more dangerous it becomes to the body. This affects the immune system and creates a domino effect on the different parts of the body.

With this, your dog suffers difficulty in eating due to inflammation and the loss of bone and tissues around the teeth. In addition, your dog will also experience a throbbing pain in the mouth, swollen gums, and even bad breath.

This article provides you with details on how to best protect your dog’s dental health. Understanding these issues is the first and most important step in prevention. The best thing about being aware of these issues is you’ll realize that brushing your dog’s teeth is simply not enough to maintain excellent dental health. Best of all, there are various means to resolve these dental issues which don’t necessarily incur additional costs on your end.

Essential Natural Ingredients For Your Dog’s Dental Health

The following are natural remedies that are great for sustaining your dog’s dental health. Read on as we give you the details of each.

1. Cranberry

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Aside from the great flavor, cranberry is a very powerful tool against infections and cavities. Cranberries are known to function like Teflon. This prevents the bacteria that causes cavities to cling to the surfaces of the teeth.

2. Yucca

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Yucca is rich in various minerals. Also, it helps to strengthen the gums and bones of your dog. Yucca has antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria from spreading in all parts of the body.

3. Spirulina

spirulina, alga, vegetable proteins

Spirulina is a microscopic algae which is very high in nutrients. It’s also very rich in amino acids, effective in fighting inflammation, and is known for its antioxidant properties. Also, it has chlorophyll which resolves the issues in the body that cause bad breath.

4. Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are the best bad bacteria fighters. It’s the best weapon to prevent gingivitis which is also very common in dogs.

As with most foods, you’ll need to pay careful attention.  One of our readers from California noted that certain weather conditions can bring about whole new crops of wild mushrooms. In some cases, these mushrooms can be very deadly. They soundly advise giving your dog store-bought mushrooms if you can’t tell the difference.

5. Cinnamon

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Another excellent antibacterial ingredient is cinnamon. It’s an antioxidant. It also can prevent tooth decay and bad breath as it protects the body from harmful bacteria.

The Bottom Line…

These are just a few of the most effective natural ingredients which can greatly help prevent dental issues for your dog. It’s best that you continue learning about natural remedies as these are extremely beneficial to the overall health of your pup.


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  1. Hi!

    Good info, thank you! Do I feed him cranberries? Put some juice in his water? Usage info would be appreciated, thanks!

    I also give my pup ozonated water. It kills germs and bacteria while also oxygenating the surrounding tissues. Plus it tastes “bright”, which my little man really likes.

    Not sure what’s working, but he’s 19, so I’ve done at least a few things right by him, thank goodness!

  2. Love your information. I live in California and this winter has been especially wet. Which brings about a whole new crop of wild mushrooms. They are known as deathcaps, here. They kill. The only mushrooms that I would give my dog have to be store bought as I cannot tell the difference. You might want to add a bit of a warning.


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