26. Got my thinking cat on!

27. Rainbow dog

28. Dog kept poking his face through the wall

29. Dogtopus

30. I guess the grass isn’t greener on the other side

30. Having a great time until that annoying friend shows up

31. Paw Car Wash

32. OMG Yes!

33. A rottweiler and two kittens

34. I’ll just sit here and stare

35. Can we get a bigger swimming pool?

36. Lining up for treats

37. Double take!

38. Cat got his tongue

39. Pizza thief

40. The cutest picture on the Internet

41. Stinky Bobo

42. We don’t deserve dogs

42. Still haven’t spotted me

43. Put the food right in my mouth.

44. Horrified it’s her birthday

45. Stackable Huskies

46. I look like a…

47. Curiosity killed the cat?

48. Blame the dog

49. The dog’s broken?

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