75. Feeling mocked

76. Dog’s are awesome!

77. Here’s what your dog really thinks…

78. Failed sheepdog training, won at life

79. Guess we’ll never know who did it

80. Thoughtful pooch

81. Bird on a bulldog

82. Going to the vet…

83. IKEA dog

84. Drowning their little bro?!?!

85. Discovered eBay, sold the cat

86. Inflatable dog

87. Barked at the mailman

88. Humans still think I’m lost

89. Dog 911: The ball is under the couch

90. Hey bartender…

91. The dog’s digging in the yard again

92. Haven’t seen him all day

93. Must. Not. Blink.

94. It’s okay bro.

95. I still don’t see the ball

96. Can’t read a clock. Always know it’s dinnertime.

97. The new trainee…

98. When you tell Amos to sit, he sits.

Dog Meme Just Sits

99. Ignore the camera

100. Includes two sub woofers


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