50. Beach bodies IRL

51. I call shotgun…

52. The dog’s a bit perplexed

53. Found dog… we’re keeping it

54. Before and after…

55. We’re from tech support, here to delete your cookies

56. The guy she told you not to worry about

57. Fur missile!

58. That’s not what your mom said.

59. Tormenting the cat

60. We’re adopted?!?!?!

61. Let’s keep judging each other

62. Sharing a “bone”

63. When your human comes home smelling like another dog

64. Fell asleep playing

65. Cleaning up your dog’s mess

66. Cheap way to avoid changing the fence

67. No time to explain

68. Useless coworker

69. Twins?

70. Dog-friendly gate

71. Gonna need to see some ID

72. Dogs vs. Cats

73. Walking the dog

74. Dogs and cats

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