20. I Jumped Into The Next Car Because The Person Was Eating KFC Chicken

21. The Cat Slipped And Fell Into The Toilet



22. I Think We Adopted A Kangaroo

23. Tell Them I Ate Your Homework. They’ll Never Believe You


24. When Samoyeds Stand On Their Hind Legs They Basically Turn Into Friendly Yetis


25. Let Me In, I Need To Go Back Out Again

26. Holy Crap, I’m Batman!

27. I’m So Sorry, I Heard Your Family Got A Cat

28. Day 11: The Dog Still Thinks I’m Fur

29. Goes Without Saying… Beware Of Dog

30. Worst. Poker Face. Ever.

30. Three Out Of Four Dogs Love Bacon… One Knows There’s A Pill Hidden In It

31. Faceswapped Dog And Cat

32. When I Was A Pup, I Had One Toy And It Was A Stick

33. Mom? Whachoo dooin? Mom? Mom?

34. Well, It’s Not Going To Throw Itself

35. One Day, You Will Reach The Handle, And We Can Both Go Out To Pee

36. And I…. Will Always Love You!

37. They’re Not Dangerous If You Raise Them Right. And Neither Are The Dogs.

38. I Got Him, Get The Ball Quick! Noooo!

39. When You’re Watching A Movie And People Keep Asking Questions Instead Of Paying Attention

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  1. Tara the great dog! and I thank you for liking and now following my blog I Can’t Believe I Did This. Further posts on Tara and mine’s progress through life will follow.


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