120. When You Haven’t Seen Your Best Friend In A While

121. The First Kiss Is Always A Little Awkward

122. One Of Our Dogs Is Clearly Smarter Than The Other

123. Dog Or Giant Mop?

124. A Very Good Boy

125. Still Under The Influence

126. The Cat Stole His Bed

127. I Stole His Chicken. I Regret Nothing.

128. Have Fun Playing With The Kids

129. Not Even Remotely Sorry

130. When All You Bought Was Healthy Food

131. I Didn’t Choose The Pug Life.

132. Can’t Afford My Legal Fees?  I’ll Work Pro Bone-O.

133. I’m GET-DOWN!-NO!  What’s Your Name?

134. It’s Called Fashion

135. Don’t Believe Them!

136. Can’t Make It To The Groomer… I’m Sick As A Dog

130. When A Dog’s Been Bad vs. When A Cat’s Been Bad

138. She’s Annoying, But I Love Her

139. Dog Saved Mom And Dad From Being Murdered Constantly

140. Dog 911:  Did You Try Barking At It?

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  1. Tara the great dog! and I thank you for liking and now following my blog I Can’t Believe I Did This. Further posts on Tara and mine’s progress through life will follow.


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