61. Okay, Give It To Me Straight

62. I Got My Thinking Cat On!

63. Begs You To Throw Toy.

64. Get Up Mom, I’m Hungry.

65. This Homework Looks Hard… Do You Want Me To Eat It?

66. I Didn’t Do It. Okay, I Did It.

67. It’s Called Fashion, Look It Up.

68. Excuse Me, But Are You Going To Eat That?

69. Wondered Why The Ball Kept Getting Bigger…

70. Bathroom Privacy? Why? You Always Watch Me Poop.

71. I Have No Intention Of Getting Off My Ass

72. I Have To Pee

73. How Do I Turn Off The Clone Machine?

74. Changed My Dog’s Kibble.

75. Looks Like I’ll Sit On The Floor Then

76. Great Costume!

77. In Order To Catch The Ball, One Must Become One With The Ball – Dog Tzu

78. My Dog Found A Baby Bird

79. Golden Retriever Decided To Roll On Freshly Mowed Lawn

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  1. Tara the great dog! and I thank you for liking and now following my blog I Can’t Believe I Did This. Further posts on Tara and mine’s progress through life will follow.


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